We offer several courses especially designed for exchange students and German students who want to make their studies a more interdisciplinary and international experience.



CRiSS – Contemporary Research in Social Science (lecture series, summer term)

Members of the Faculty 02: Social Sciences, Media and Sports present their current research projects and provide insight into their research activities.


Everybody’s welcome!


The lectures are held in English to also enable an international exchange - with international students as well as visiting researchers.


CRiSS usually takes place in summer term


Lecture series: Wednesdays 6pm, 2 ECTS
Accompanying tutorial with focus on science communication: Wednesdays 4pm, 3 ECTS


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Tutorial – Techniques of Academic Work within the German University Context (winter term and summer term)


The tutorial introduces students from abroad to the techniques of academic work within the German university context. By attending this tutorial students will be able to meet the formal requirements concerning literature research, oral presentations and term papers which are assumed to be known in many courses they will attend while studying at the JGU Mainz.

The tutorial's content is coordinatied with the requirements of the seminar "The Social Scientist’s View of Germany" (in winter term). Both courses are open to all incoming students. Thus, we recommend taking part in both the seminar and the tutorial.

In summer term the tutorial is usually offered as a stand-alone course.

Course work:

To successfully take part in the tutorial (3 ECTS) students have to fulfill the following requirements: Short oral presentation + term paper (focus on formal criteria) + class participation.

How to register:

Please register with the form you get during the InfoDays.




The Social Scientist’s View of Germany (seminar, winter term)

Seminar (winter term)
Students of the social sciences from all over the world taking part in this seminar will get the opportunity to view Germany from various perspectives within the social sciences. The seminar will provide insights into a wide range of topics related to German society, politics, media and culture.
The lecturers, who are social scientists themselves, will teach and discuss different perspectives on the multiple course topics. Within the seminar‘s interdisciplinary approach students are encouraged to contribute by actively sharing their views on the topics at hand as the seminar’s concept is a highly interactive one. To successfully take part in the seminar (5 ECTS) students will have to fulfill the following requirements:Oral presentation + written exam + class participation

The seminar will be accompanied by a tutorial (3 ECTS) introducing students from abroad to the techniques of academic work within the German university context (see below).

The seminar and tutorial are open to all incoming students.

We recommend taking part in both the seminar and the tutorial.

How to register:

Please register with the form you get during the InfoDays.




Beyond Clichés – German and International Students in Intercultural Exchange (intercultural training and media project, winter term)


“Please continue to offer this course! It will be a great supplement to the regular course of studies for any student in Mainz by nurturing intercultural proficiency, understanding and tolerance. Our generation benefits and struggles with the burden and blessing of globalisation, therefore I think that this course is a chance for anyone to get a glimpse of the required skills connected to living in a thriving global community.”
(Participant's feedback from Winter 2017/2018)



We are keen to welcome students from Mainz and all over the world to participate in this comprehensive intercultural training. In this course you will team up in small groups to reflect on your own cultural background, how it is perceived by others, and how you in turn perceive habits shaped by different cultures.


In this course you are sensitized to pitfalls lurking when encountering different cultures, are enabled to actively shape your own presence in international contexts and to engage successfully in intercultural situations

The course will take place weekly. In three block sessions taught by Ellen Rana, a professional intercultural trainer and academic from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, you get an insight into the basic concepts and theories of intercultural communication. You will apply this knowledge to your own intercultural experiences throughout the semester by realising a video project in intercultural teams. Thus, other sessions will consist of workshops about video production and tutorial sessions with hands-on assignments for the video teams.

Course work:

The course work consists of keeping a learning journal to reflect on your own intercultural experiences in Mainz, of teaming up with other German and international participants to create a short video based on these experiences and reflections, and of finally writing your own critical reflection on the finished videos.

Course details:

  • open to all JGU students
  • 3 ECTS and certificate of attendance

How to register:

JGU students: Please register via Jogustine.

(Course catalogue > Faculty 02 - Social Sciences, Media, and Sports > Fächerübergreifende Veranstaltungen)

If you cannot apply within any regular module of your study programme (mostly those are called "Zusatzqualifikationen" or someting like that), you can always apply via "Studium Generale".

Exchange students: Please register with the form you get during the InfoDays.



Courses by Israel professor Yossi David

Additionally, students can elect to attend courses by Isreal professor Yossi David.

The courses will be held in English and are open to all students of JGU.

In summer semester 2019:

Media, Social Constructions, and Israel’s Political System (lecture)

New Media and Political Change in Israel (seminar)




More courses and general information

The Gutenberg International School (GIS) provides an overview of

  • special courses for incoming students in German and English (like the ones offered by our faculty described above)
  • regular courses offered in foreign languages
  • information on types of courses and how to find specific courses in the general course catalogue (as downloadable JOGUStINe Guide)
  • a list of Academic Advisors for exchange students - the people you need to contact in order to enroll


You can use JOGU-StINe for setting up your Learning Agreement without a JGU account:

  1. Click on "Course Catalogue" (or "Vorlesungen" in the German version) at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the respective semester on the left.
  3. You get an overview of all the faculties at our university. For our faculty, click on "Fachbereich 02: Sozialwissenschaften, Medien und Sport".
  4. After that you can choose the respective subject and courses.

Please check with your home university if and how courses can be integrated in your schedule (for example if you are not a student of the respective department).