Interesting courses for international students in summer term 2020

Interdisciplinary lecture series: CRiSS - Contemporary Research in Social Sciences + Tutorial on Science Communication.
(CANCELLED in summer term 2020)

Due to the Corona crisis the interdisciplinary lecture series CRiSS and the accompanying tutorial will not be available this summer semester in 2020. We try to incorporate "Gaming, Lies & Civil Wars" - as the title of this year's programme would have been - into a future semester.

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Courses by Israel professor Yossi David

Additionally, students can attend courses by Isreal professor Yossi David.  The courses will be held in English and are open to all students of JGU.


Special tutorial for students from abroad
(CANCELLED in summer term 2020.)
Take part in this tutorial to get to know the formal requirements concerning literature research, oral presentations and term papers which are assumed to be known in many courses offered at the JGU Mainz.

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